Why participate in MASA ?
MASA’s unique format meets the dual purpose of performing arts. First develop and strengthen its market network, then increase opportunities to reach new audiences and increase its penetration rate in the world.

When will the 10th edition of MASA take place ?
The 10th edition of the MASA will take place from March 10 to 17, 2017.

What is MASA ?
The MASA is Africa’s largest cultural event, it is part of an original unique concept  in the world that brings together artists from Africa and elsewhere around several scenes while aiming to strengthen the values of African culture and its promotion . The MASA is organized, under the auspices of the International Organization of the Francophonie, the Ministry of Culture and Francophonie of Ivory Coast and the Autonomous District of Abidjan, every 2 years.

What is the International Artistic Committee (CAI) ?
The International Artistic Committee (CAI), a subsidiary component of MASA, is in charge of the international selection of the artistic groups that will participate in the next MASA editions as well as the communication of the MASA in their respective geographical areas.

Is there an age limit for participating in MASA ?
No, there is no age defined by the regulations to participate in the MASA.

What should an artist do to participate in the MASA ?
To participate in the MASA, you will have to send your application to the MASA administration before the deadline of submission defined on the call for applications.

How to participate in MASA ?
Only group leaders can register future MASA participants provided that they meet the selection criteria. MASA registrations can also be done online on MASA’s official website.

Who can participate in MASA ?
MASA registrations are open to all countries.

Is it possible to obtain images and video footage from previous MASA editions ?
Yes. Please send us your request to this email address: administration@masa.ci.

Is MASA on social networks ?
Yes. Find the MASA on:
* Facebook
* Twitter
* Youtube
* Google+
* Instagram

How to be accredited press ?
Please apply for accreditation here.

Which program will be broadcast live – the international TV gate ?
Ivorian Broadcasting  Television  (RTI) has been designated as the 9th and 10th edition of the MASA radio and television broadcaster. The TV schedule will be available soon and will include 60 hours of direct and daily summaries with ceremonial coverage, a few shows and the closing ceremony.

When will the groups selected for the MASA 2018 be known ?
According to the registration guide of MASA 2018, MASA’s General Directorate will publish on its website the official list of selected artistic groups at the end of October 2017.

What are the objectives of MASA ?
* support for the creation and production of quality shows;
* allow the connection between African artistic creations and creators and be a factor of dynamization;
* Facilitation of the circulation of creators and their production in Africa and in the world;
* the training of artists and operators in the entertainment production chain;
* The development of the performing arts sector (Music, Theater, Dance, Storytelling, Humor, Street Arts, Fashion) on the African continent.

Accreditation requests
Media [coming soon]
All national and international media interested in media coverage of the MASA 2018 can apply for accreditation directly online in this space dedicated to them. We kindly ask you to follow our site. Information will be published later on this page.
Note that journalists will have to take care during their stay in Abidjan (airfare, hotel, meals, etc.).
Officials [coming soon]
Guests [coming soon]