Agenda of the 10th MASAJuly 2017 : First meeting of the selection committee

September 2017 : Second meeting of the selection committee and launching ceremony

October 2017 : Training Workshop for Troop Managers

November 2017 : Partners Dinner

January 2018 : Prelude 1. Director Training Workshop

Saturday, March 10 : Palace of Culture, opening ceremony with 20,000 spectators and African music Stars

Sunday March 11th : Storytelling Night

Monday March 12 : Day of the invited countries

Tuesday, March 13 : Women’s Day

Wednesday, March 14th : Young Audiences Day

Thursday, March 15 : Fashion Day

Friday, March 16 : Night of Stand up Comedy

Saturday, March 17 : Closing Ceremony with 25,000 spectators.

MASA 2018 is the deepening of the achievements of 2016 including:

  • The showcases
  • Speed meetings
  • Scenic readings
  • Young public programs
  • Programs dedicated to the Woman
  • Training programs
  • The MASA-Prelude programs as of October 2017.

The specific innovations of the MASA 2018

     In the implementation

  • Enhanced collaboration with professionals of the performing arts
  • Consider  the  stand-up comedy and the Street Arts as a discipline in its own
  • Two training programs for :
    1. directors
    2. troop managers

    In the programs

  • Broader participation of women
  • Spot light on broadcasters in Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Salvadore)
  • Large participation of Maghreb professionals
  • Escale bantoo: a caravan of young artists from Central Africa and Cameroon in particular
  • 10 troops expected from the USA, Canada and the Caribbean
  • Slam and Hip Hop scene
  • Promotion of instrumental virtuosos