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MASA 2014


The objective of the 8th edition was to develop the market and festival dimension. We received more than 100 000 visitors during this edition. 1706 participants came to the MASA including: Broadcasters 269 (Africa =226, America=12, Europe=28, Middle East=3) Journalists 392 (Africa =348, Europe=41, Middle East=3), with more than 273 articles published. Observers 26 (Africa=14, America=2, Europe=10). Artists who attended the 8th edition: The international artistic committee selected 63 groups but 57 actually came to the MASA making a total of 519 artists of which 136 live in Côte d’Ivoire. The number of groups by category was: –  20 groups in Music ; –  20 groups in Dance; -11 groups in theater; –  3 groups in storytelling; –  2 groups in stand-up comedy; –  1 group in Street Arts.

  • Invited artists: Of 22 groups that were invited, 19 groups came to the MASA 2014, representing 236 artists.
  • 24 groups from the Diaspora attended the MASA, representing 264 artists.
  • 300 professionals of the performing arts came to the MASA (Stage directors, lighting and sound technicians).

Click here to see the list of the groups selected to MASA 2014



Theme of the professional meetings: «the performing arts faced with the challenge of digital technology»

The professional meetings of the 8th edition of the MASA was organized from March 3 until March 4, 2014. The theme was the performing arts faced with the challenge of digital technology The goal of these meetings was to analyze the link between the introduction of digital technology and the performing arts, the impact of the use of digital technology in artistic creation and production. For ordinary people especially some creators, the digital technology has only negative impacts. Even if the digital technology has negative impacts on the creation in particular because of the piracy of copyrighted works, it offers a lot of opportunities that African creators must explore. If we want to be part of the modern and global world, we need to accept digital technology. The reason for choosing this theme for the professional meetings is to see what the African creators do with digital technology. It is also to examine the problems that they face and make remarks and suggestions about issues in order to find solutions that will benefit the African creators and the creative industry. The main theme was divided into sub-themes that will be discussed during the different sessions. The first day was  dedicated to the following theme:«the impact of digital technology on artistic creation, production and broadcasting of the performance ».The agenda during that session was about sharing experiences of some of the professionals, the changes that digital technology has introduced in theater, music, dance, storytelling, and standup comedy. Of course we did not simply mention and analyze them. We made some suggestions about strategies that can be used so that creative industry in Africa can fully take advantage of digital technology. This sub-theme was discussed on Monday March 3, 2014 from 9am to 1 pm. The Three speakers from Africa and Europe were music producers and professionals of theater and storytelling. The second sub-theme that was organized at the French Institute was « the performing arts, what legislation and business model to face the challenge of digital technology? ». The discussion was about the economic opportunities that digital technology offers to the performing arts. We also discussed the challenges that these opportunities bring. Of course, we can not talk about challenges without talking about frustration, which needs to be examined to reconcile the rights of the creators, the rights of the public and the rights of cultural agents. Speakers from Africa and Europe were invited. They were officials of the UNESCO and lawyers. These are the two sub themes that were discussed in relation with the main theme. Project Grants: March 5, 2014.

In addition to the discussion organized on March 3 and March 4, the project grants was held on March 5, 20014. The opportunity was given to performing arts professionals to talk about their organizations and upcoming events. The objective was to facilitate exchange of information which is crucial for cultural activities. On March 5 we had a day dedicated to «Equation Musique». It was a program organized by the French Institute of Paris and the International Organization of the Francophonie with the objective of structuring and connecting the actors of the African Musical field. 15 professionals of Music came from Africa to meet with Ivorian professionals of music. The colloquium with the theme: «African theater and Diaspora Theater made by women»

The last two days of the professional meetings were dedicated to the scientific meetings of the MASA. The international colloquium organized by the French Institute with the collaboration of University Sorbonne Nouvelle of Paris and University Felix Houphouet Boigny of Abidjan has the following theme: African Theater and Diaspora Theater made by women. We invited some women as speakers who analyzed the implication of women in the development of theater in Africa. They were women who live in Africa but also women from the Diaspora.


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